About us

Madinatul Ilm is a No Profit – No Loss based company incorporated with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan under section 42 of Companies Ordinance 1984. The Founding Directors of the company are country’s well renowned Scholars, entrepreneurs, leaders of the social sphere and are also playing a leading role for a focused community of the country, inland and abroad. The company was incorporated with the vision that a practical demonstration of social and societal values proposed by Islam is necessary to keep the globe a humanly place to live in. This objective is planned to be achieved by creating a fully independent city built on the basis of Islamic social values, equality and brotherhood yet providing state of the art civic facilities.

Our Vision

The widening gap between Societies and Religions shall require in near future a demonstrated solution proposed by Islam to help keep the Globe a humanly place to live-in.

Our Mission

To provide a venue where Muslim Society could prosper with state-of-art Education and Research Facility.