Knowledge of Islam and modern sciences were the pride of Qurtaba, the historic city of Spain. Taking inspiration from it, Qurtaba City contains a modern and fully equipped International University situated right at the heart of the locality comprising of 872 kanals (365,000 sq. meters.) The university building itself would be a masterpiece of art and creativity and should later be known as a center of religious and modern studies in the country. The blocks will act as departments for specific subjects such as Islamic Studies, Sociology, medicine and Engineering. Qurtaba University aims to introduce a new breed of intelligent and skilled individuals in Pakistan. Students from within Pakistan, other countries and from other faiths will be proud to be a part of this University.


Jamia Masjid Qurtaba

To promote religious education, Madinatul Ilm has planned a well-integrated system of mosques to achieve the sacred objectives of bringing forth and demonstrating the fundamentals of Islamic brotherhood and consideration. Taking inspiration from its historical namesake, the main Jamia Mosque Qurtaba, comprising on 190 Kanals (80,000 Sq. meters) is lavishly intended and exceptionally well planned making itself a piece of beautiful architecture and art.  Adding to the splendor, circled by the scenic hills of Potohar, are the blossoming green gardens surrounding the mosque. Besides the main mosque, there will be sector mosque in each block.



Qurtaba City is a complete municipality in its own rights. The residents of this community are being provided with all the basic facilities and services of life within the area. There shall be markets at central level and at sector level. A huge shopping center and multi-story markets are planned to be built around the university. These huge and well-equipped markets would not just serve the residents but will also provide excellent business opportunities to the residents of the city.


The residential area of Qurtaba City has exceptional design and its architecture is a masterpiece. Every sector has conveniences of its own mosque, school, park and market. In addition to 300foot, 200foot, 100foot, wide inter block roads, minimum 40-foot-wide streets are provided. Underground electricity system, footpaths, street lights and green belts dotting the whole community makes it a peerless piece of civic infrastructure. It will cater to all classes of the society with plots of 500 sq. yards, 272 sq. yards and 138 sq. yards. Qurtaba City is a project that aims to fulfill every person’s dream of owning a house be it rich or poor. Being built with the modern lines, this sparkling city is a vision of your dreams and thoughts.