Qurtaba City continues its rapid development with the inauguration of its second water filtration plant, significantly enhancing the availability of clean drinking water for residents and the surrounding community.

Equipped with advanced R.O. technology, the new plant guarantees the complete removal of harmful chemicals and bacteria, ensuring safe and healthy drinking water. During the opening ceremony, Mr. Liaquat Baloch, the esteemed Chairman of Madina al-Ilm, emphasized the project’s importance.

“Providing clean water and essential amenities to the residents of Qurtaba City is our top priority. This plant will fulfill this critical need for residents of Qurtaba and nearby areas,” he stated.

With a daily filtration capacity of 2,000 liters, the plant has already begun supplying clean water to the project and neighboring communities. This milestone represents a significant step forward in Qurtaba City’s development, ensuring the health and well-being of its residents.