A Thriving Business Hub Awaits You…!

Qurtaba City, the epitome of modern living, presents an unparalleled opportunity to establish your business in its prime commercial center, “Qurtaba Mall”. Nestled amidst more than two thousand residences, this three-story plaza offers a vibrant and dynamic environment for your entrepreneurial endeavours.

Possession Ready

Your dream business awaits in our brand-new, ready-to-occupy shop in Qurtaba Mall. Move in, set up and start operating today!

Seamless Access

Ensuring seamless access to all floors, two elevators have been installed to provide convenience and comfort for customers and employees alike.

Firefighting System

Equipped with a state-of-the-art security and firefighting systems, Qurtaba Mall prioritizes the safety of its occupants, businesses and visitors

Surveillance System

A comprehensive security and surveillance system safeguards the premises, ensuring a secure and protected environment for business operations.

Become Part of Qurtaba City's Success

Qurtaba City Is not just a Housing project; it's a thriving community that values commerce and entrepreneurship. By establishing your business in Qurtaba Mall, you become part of this vibrant community and gain access to a loyal customer base.

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