About Madinatul Ilm

Live The Power of Knowledge

Madinatul Ilm is a No Profit – No Loss based company incorporated with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

Under section 42 of Companies Ordinance 1984 (now the Companies Act, 2017). 

The Founding Directors of the company are the country’s renowned Scholars, entrepreneurs, leaders of the social sphere and are also playing a leading role for a focused community of the country, inland and abroad. The company was incorporated with the vision that a practical demonstration of social and societal values proposed by Islam is necessary to keep the globe a human place to live in. 

This objective of Real Estate Pakistan is planned to be achieved by creating a fully independent city built on the basis of Islamic social values, equality, and brotherhood yet providing state-of-the-art civic facilities.

About Qurtaba City

Live The Reality of Your Dream

Qurtaba City is one of the top residential projects in sector of Real Estate Pakistan known for its inspirational look and peaceful environment, located near Chakri Interchange and officially approved by the concerned government authorities. The area falls under the jurisdiction of TMA Potohar Town, which has approved the scheme and issued a No Objection Certificate under NOC No. 105/TMO. All related NOCs and approval from other concerned authorities have also been acquired . It has a great potential to meet all residential facilities along with the day-to-day unique lifestyle requirement. In order to meet Islamic living standards, Qurtaba City is striving to provide principal cooperative development in the field of Real Estate in Pakistan. Qurtaba City is purely based on the teachings of Islam and people’s favorite living destination within a standard lifestyle planning community.

Our Vission

The growing divide between societies and religions will necessitate in the near future a demonstrated solution proposed by Islam to help keep the world a human place to live.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide a venue where Muslim Society could prosper with state-of-art Education and Research facilities.

Our Inspiration

Córdoba is a city in Andalusia in Southern Spain and the capital of the province of Córdoba.

It is the third most populated municipality in Andalusia, after Sevilla and Malaga.

Location Qurtaba City

Live The Beauty of Nature

QURTABA City is located at 40 minutes drive from the hustle and bustle of Islamabad and only 30 minutes away from the new International Airport.

Just off the Motorway Chakri Interchange provides its residents with the magnificence and brilliance of its peaceful environment.

Its outlook is significantly inspirational, but access to the city is also convenient as it is also accessible from Rawalpindi Saddar via Dhamial road.

Qurtaba Digital City, Features

Fiber Optic Network
Qurtaba city is the first housing scheme where from the beginning, fiber optic cable is being laid to the doorsteps of homes and businesses. With this, residents of Qurtaba city will have access to the best and fastest internet service. Not only this, with the help of this fiber-optic network, all the advanced services of the future will be provided instantly without any delay.
Public Internet Services
For the first time in the country’s history, limited free internet is planned for the residents. As soon as you enter Qurtaba, you will be connected to the Internet via Qurtaba Public X-WiFi so that you can stay in touch with the rest of the world.
Security Services
Providing a peaceful and safe environment for Qurtaba’s residents is our top priority. The security system is designed in a specified manner to install digital security systems at every entry point, and vehicles entering the city will be monitored by electric tagging. The cars of Qurtaba's residents will be protected using devices that have been installed with their consent.
Digital Transport System
This will be the first transport system in Pakistan in which all buses and other public transport vehicles will be connected to the Internet. People standing at the bus stop will be able to see the live location of the bus on the screen of their mobile phone and will avoid the hassle of waiting. Payment of fare and other service charges will also be possible digitally.
Cleanliness, hygiene, and Environmental Protection
Qurtaba City is going to be Pakistan’s first city where automatic waste management will be designed. In case household waste bins are overflowed. They will automatically notify the central system and be evacuated to disposal centers.