In a pivotal development for Al Khidmat Medical City, the Central Working Committee of Al-Khidmat Qurtaba Foundation recently convened at the Qurtaba City Head Office, marking the official initiation of the design phase. This significant healthcare initiative encompasses the establishment of a state-of-the-art teaching hospital within Al Khidmat Medical City, reinforcing its commitment to providing top-notch medical facilities. The academic section of the project will be seamlessly integrated into the esteemed Qurtaba University, creating a synergy between healthcare and education.
The meeting delved into comprehensive discussions on architectural intricacies and master planning, ensuring that the project aligns with the highest standards of modern healthcare infrastructure. The collaboration between Al-Khidmat Qurtaba Foundation and Qurtaba University underscores a holistic approach, aiming to contribute not only to the medical well-being of the community but also fostering educational excellence. As the design phase unfolds, Al Khidmat Medical City takes a substantial step forward in realizing its vision of enhancing healthcare accessibility and academic brilliance in Qurtaba City. Stay tuned for further updates on this transformative project.