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The Distance of Mosque is Just Heart Away!

One of the most beloved places to Allah SubhanaTala is the mosque. And it is said whoever builds a mosque his house will be built in paradise. The grand and magnificent construction of Qurtaba Mosque has been accomplished. We wish, hope, and pray that Qurtaba Community flourishes virtuously in the light of our religion.

To promote religious education, Madinatul Ilm has planned a well-integrated system of mosques to achieve the sacred objectives of bringing forth and demonstrating the fundamentals of Islamic brotherhood and consideration. Taking inspiration from its historical namesake, the main Jamia Mosque Qurtaba, comprising on 190 Kanals (80,000 Sq. meters) is lavishly intended and exceptionally well planned making itself a piece of beautiful architecture and art. Adding to the splendor, circled by the scenic hills of Potohar, are the blossoming green gardens surrounding the mosque. Besides the main mosque, there will be sector mosque in each block.


Country: Pakistan
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These are the following details mention bellow:


  • Allocated area                                         190 canal
  • The total capacity of worshipers         165,000 people
  • Area for construction                             6 lac 74 thousand sq ft
  • Height of building                                    197ft
  • Height of minarets                                  386ft
  • This will be a mega project consisting of 10 large mosques in the country.
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