Best Housing Society in Rawalpindi

Islamabad, Rawalpindi

Qurtaba City is the Best Housing Society in Rawalpindi. A spirit of kindness to the people that gives man the ascension of humanity. Beautiful traits like peace, tolerance, brotherhood, and compassion give Islam superiority over other religions.

 In addition to business ventures, Qurtaba City has also built Aghosh Center for orphans in the spirit of public service, where a healthier living environment and more reliable education are provided to orphans.

It is the spirit of kindness towards people that gives a person the elevation of humanity. Beautiful qualities like peace, tolerance, brotherhood and compassion make Islam superior to other religions. The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) has promised his companionship in Paradise for the one who takes care of an orphan. This is the reason why, among other important projects, Qurtaba City has decided to establish Al-Khidmat Aghosh Center for orphan boys and girls in Qurtaba City, with the same facilities and feelings as their home, under the spirit of “Kafalat-i-Yateem, Rafaqat-i-Rasool” , where all the necessities of life for the orphans, boys/girls will be provided under an organized and coordinated system of sponsorship in the name of Allah, including permanent residence, shelter, religious and contemporary education and training, sports and others. Opportunities for healthy activities will be available free of charge and there will always be guardians with the love of a mother and the compassion of a father.