Islamabad, Rawalpindi

Education is Not a Luxury nor a Necessity…..It is Basic Human Right!

Knowledge of Islam and modern sciences was the pride of Qurtaba, the historic city of Spain. Taking inspiration from it, Qurtaba City contains a modern and fully equipped International University situated right at the heart of the locality comprising of 872 kanals (365,000 sq. meters.) The university building itself would be a masterpiece of art and creativity and should later be known as a center of religious and modern studies in the country. The blocks will act as departments for specific subjects such as Islamic Studies, Sociology, Medicinal and Engineering Sciences. Qurtaba University aims to introduce a new breed of intelligent and skilled individuals in Pakistan. Students from within Pakistan, other countries and from other faiths will be proud to be a part of this University.

Along with academic education, a friendly and corporative environment plays a pivotal role in developing good characters and healthy minds. Built on the same ideology, Qurtaba City brings ‘Qurtaba International University’ an educational hub which promotes its students to participate in diverse leadership activities in the fields of public speaking, sports, community services etc. A dynamic institute spread across 872 kanal brings quality education and affordability to everyone.
An incredibly designed residential society in the vicinity of twin cities, Qurtaba City because of its prime location and avant-garde life style has become the first choice of masses. Saturated with world-class amenities, exceptional facilities, state-of-the-art-infrastructure and a safe and peaceful environment. Our aim is to make living in the community a pleasant experience, surrounded by comfort and luxury.