“In Qurtaba City, a hub of dynamic development, the swift progress of various infrastructure projects is evident. Development of essential elements such as roads, sewage systems, water supply lines, footpaths, and streetlights across different blocks is underway. Simultaneously, meticulous attention is directed towards the construction of buildings, marking a pivotal focus in this developmental phase.

Within our construction endeavors, notable achievements include the completion of a mosque and a commercial plaza in Block D. Meanwhile, the construction pace for Qurtaba School and Qurtaba House is accelerating. The foundation for the Grand Mosque in Block B was laid recently. 

In line with our commitment to improve the cityscape, agreement has been inked with reputable parties to commence construction of multi-story commercial plazas covering approximately 6,000 square feet, near Qurtaba Main Gate. 

This promising phase of development is poised to propel Qurtaba City towards its completion, by the grace of Allah. As we embark on this journey, it is imperative for our esteemed members to take the lead in initiating the construction of their residences and commercial projects. This collective effort will undoubtedly contribute to the rapid and flourishing establishment of a city dedicated to knowledge and tranquility.”