We are delighted to bring you the latest developments from the ongoing transformation of Qurtaba City. Each block is witnessing progress that reflects our commitment to creating a dynamic and thriving community.

  1. Block A, B: A Symphony of Achievement

In Blocks A and B, significant milestones have been achieved, laying the foundation for a vibrant community. The basic infrastructure is on the verge of completion, encompassing successful endeavors in sewer lines, sub base on roads, and plotting. The laying of utility services ducts is underway, ensuring a seamless experience for our residents. We’re excited to announce the commencement of the construction of a new mosque in Block B, adding a touch of serenity and spiritual richness to our community.

  • Blocks E, F: Momentum in Motion

Blocks E and F are currently experiencing a dynamic momentum in their development journey. The basic infrastructure is nearing completion, setting the stage for a flourishing community. Achievements include the successful completion of sewer lines, sub base on roads, and plotting. The ongoing installation of utility services ducts is a testament to our commitment to a well-integrated community. The foundation for the Electricity Transformer has been successfully laid, paving the way for efficient power distribution.