Inspiring ceremony of completion of Qur’an in Taraweeh at QC Masjid Block D.

Chairman Madinat-ul-Alam (Qurtaba City) Liaqat Baloch, Chief Operating Officer Zia-ur-Rehman, Haji Muhammad Aslam, Qurtaba City and HSSR officials, residents of the area, elders and a large number of labours working in Qurtaba City. Attended. Chairman Madinatul Ilm (Qurtaba City) Liaqat Baloch, Chief Operating Officer Zia ur Rehman Qureshi, Haji Muhammad Aslam and HSSR officials, dignitaries, […]

Ramzan Activities in Qurtaba City.

Ramzan Activities in Qurtaba City: 1. Honorable Chairman Madinatul Ilm and Honorable Chief Operating Officer had Iftar with all the staff of Qurtaba City. Special prayers were offered for the development and success of the project. The Chairman appreciated hard work and efforts of the Qurtaba City staff and reiterated his commitment to complete the […]