Embracing the arrival of spring, Qurtaba City is set to blossom with the commencement of a robust plantation drive. A diverse array of approximately 70,000 plants, including various fruits and ornamental varieties, eagerly await their placement across the cityscape. This initiative aims to enhance the greenery and aesthetics of Qurtaba City.

The meticulously planned plantation will unfold along the roadsides, in parks, adjacent to boundary walls, and within the open spaces as outlined in the horticulture design. The vibrant hues of blossoming flowers and the verdant foliage of fruit-bearing trees will not only contribute to the visual appeal of the city but also foster a healthier and more sustainable environment.

This endeavor aligns with Qurtaba City’s commitment to creating a harmonious and ecologically conscious community. As each plant takes root, it symbolizes a collective effort toward fostering a greener, more vibrant urban landscape. Stay tuned for updates as Qurtaba City transforms into a flourishing haven of nature and tranquility.